The artists original intent, their unique process of fabrication, and choice of materials all dictate our approach to conservation in form of minimal intervention and maximum re-treatability.

Paintings created on canvas, wood panel, metal, paper, plaster, and board all feature in our work. The materials and media vary enormously and include: egg tempera, distemper, oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, beeswax, natural and synthetic resins and lacquers, metal and gold leaf, as well as poster and house paint. By adding new techniques we create the effective convergence of scholarship and craftsmanship. Through our conservation services we champion the latest developments in the field and integrate them with traditional and well-tested techniques and materials. Our studio collaborates with museums as well as private conservators in the specialties of objects, paper, textile as well as earthen architecture to provide quality service to our clients.


Murals are painted or appliedĀ painted or applied directly on an exterior or interior wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. Maintenance of murals is not typically part of the original commission and treatments vary greatly depending on circumstances specific to condition and to location of the mural in question. Murals may require surface cleaning, grouting, reattachment of delaminated plaster, consolidation of flaking paint, removal of overpaint, graffiti and old resin coating, removal or reduction of tar, stains and drips, and reintegration of the paint layer. Inherent vice and vandalism are common stimuli for intervention.